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Pharmakons @ The Pie Factory, margate
5-9 MAY  2023



Crook & Vincent are proud to present Pharmakons , an exhibition of contemporary emerging and established artists at Pie Factory in Margate’s Old Town running from Friday 5th May to Tuesday 9th  May 2023. We welcome you to explore the exhibition and meet the artists at our private view on Saturday 6th May from 6-9pm , where there will be complimentary drinks from local Kent brewery Shivering Sands and a DJ set from Ramsgate’s Extra Normal Records (also known as the brains behind Contra Pop Festival).


Pharmakons  includes works that deal with contradictory themes such as trauma/euphoria, innocence/corruption, disorder/order, illness/healing, and purity/decay. The artists explore these concepts through a range of painting, sculptural, and printing techniques, including veiling, glazing, layering, and often total destruction and degradation of the medium itself. According to Greek mythology, a pharmakon can be both the remedy and the poison; this exhibition aims to illustrate the friction and battle, as well as the union and reconciliation of these two opposing states of being, whilst offering a perspective beyond binary distinctions.


Exhibiting artists include Zara Carpenter, Lupen Crook, Julie Goldsmith, Keziah Greenwood and The Cameron Twins.

Event Details

Private View- Saturday 6th May from 6-9pm


The Pie Factory, Margate.

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