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'Reimagined Recollections'

Solo Exhibition by the Cameron Twins

24.09.21 -

At the Leicester Print  Workshop, Leicester City Centre

Friday 24 September – Saturday 23 October 2021 

Exhibition Bio:


As identical twins, Abigail and Phebe’s practice is heavily influenced by their shared childhood memories and unique experiences surrounding identity. Their collaborative practice explores themes like Nostalgia, Memory, Childhood and Identity. 

Utilising a heterogeneity of personal source materials, they reference pop-culture and childhood artefacts including toys, drawings and photographs. 

Their work also aims to exploit the familiarity of pop-culture imagery and connect to the viewer through nostalgia, encouraging each individual viewer to assimilate and synthesise their own unique experience from their work. 

The duo employ innocently familiar phantasmagoric imagery, garishly oversaturated colour palettes, and a child-like primitive visual style. These elements are merged with juxtaposing grotesque, uncanny and chaotic ensembles, creating an often sinister narrative. 

Abigail and Phebe use their youthful aesthetic to playfully mislead. As the viewer peels back the bright and witty facade of nostalgia, their initial perception of the work is shattered; questioning whether a person’s own memories might be distorted by nostalgia. 

Their identity as twin sisters is a thread which informs both their imagery, and physical processes. Reappearing tropes and identical multiples populate their multi-layered work, which is created through media and processes such as screenprint and sculptural casting methods. These methods, which are themselves traditionally pre- disposed to the creation of duplicates and identical multiples, allows their practice to revel in the imperfections and tiny differences of the seemingly uniform and indistinguishable. 

The Exhibition Space is at

Leicester Print Workshop.
50, St. George Street,
LE1 1QG.

Opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm

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Winners of 2021
Leicester Print Workshop Award!

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